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be the Star of your own

Music Video

Be the first to throw & host one of the coolest, hippest and most exciting kids birthday party! What better way to spend your birthday starring in your own Pop Music Video where your child and friends are the SUPERSTARS!


Experience firsthand what it's like on a music video & TV set under the studio lights in our very own in-house green room!


From Pop Princesses, teen idol, to Pop Boy Star, this unique experience lets your kid become a Pop Stars for the day! Working with music & dance industry professionals they'll have the time of their life filming a music video to their favorite song, with your very own DVD to take home as a keepsake & memories that will last forever! 


Factor are there to assist you along the way. Oh, we've got great tips on wardrobe, hair, make-up The itBefore the big day, choose your favorite song for your Pop Video Party. Our professional and talented team at and styling to make sure you've got the most authentic Pop video; the real deal! On the day of your party, we will take you through rehearsals until it's time to film. No singing required - just great syncing!! 


Enjoy the experience of our "Craft Table" that's full of goodies and refreshments for when our Superstars need to take a break! There is loads of time to take those famed paparazzi pictures! Do it together; keep it forever!




-Starring role for the birthday boy or girl

-Choose your own song

-Up to 8 guests 

-3 hours of experience

-Director, Choreographer, Stylist & Make-Up Artist

-Refreshments for our Pop Stars

-1 Hd Digital Copy of your Music Video  

-contact us for detail pricing


                                                    CLICK DOWN HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


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